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Follow the steps below to get digital signatures that:

Comply with eIDAS regulation
Are legally valid throughout the EU
Leverage compliant encryption technology

No account needed
No subscription needed

You receive your signed document and sign transaction receipt as proof.

Upload your document

Upload the document you want to sign. (PDF, max 25MB)

Add signers

Enter the names and email addresses of the people that need to sign the document

Pay & Sign

Start the signing process by first paying and then signing the document.


You are charged €2.88 per signer, ex 21% Dutch VAT (€3.48, incl 21% Dutch VAT), for Advanced Electronic Signatures. Payment is processed through our trusted payment provider.


The signing process is handled by our trusted & certified signature provider.

In your inbox (of the email address provided by you) you will receive your signed document, a transaction receipt and status updates when your other signers have signed.

PLEASE NOTE that payments are non-refundable if one of the signers rejects to sign the document. In that case the sign process will be aborted. You will be notified of this, but you will not receive a signed document, nor a transaction receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions


Kwantor Sign allows users to sign PDF documents on demand with Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) for legally valid digital signatures. Read more about AES here and here.

Kwantor Sign will orchestrate the signing flow with all parties for you. After all signers have signed the document, you will receive your signed document per mail and a sign transaction receipt. These files leverage digital certification and encryption techniques that guarantee Advanced Electronic Signature compliance. You can save these documents for proof.

We are integrated with a certified signature provider that complies with EU regulation for e-signing, eIDAS. Read more about eIDAS here.

No. Kwantor Sign can be used on demand, without setting up an account.

The cost of this service is calculated based on the number of signers for a document. We charge EUR 2.88 ex Dutch VAT (21%) per signer.

No. You only pay for using Kwantor Sign once, for the number of signers you choose.

After uploading your document and providing the names and email addresses of all signers, you will see the amount that we will charge once for using our service. If you want to continue, you can click the button Pay & Sign, which will initiate the payment process. We are integrated with a third-party payment provider that handles this process. After a successful payment, you will be redirected to the signing flow.

If a party decides to reject to sign the document, the sign transaction will be aborted. All signers will be notified about this.

No, payments are non-refundable if one of the signers rejects to sign the document.

Yes, we use secure, encrypted connections for all document transfers and maintain a high standard of data protection.

Signing process

Please check your spam folder as sometimes emails can end up there. If you still didn't receive a confirmation email, contact our support team for assistance.

First, ask the signer to check their spam folder. If they still cannot find the email, please contact our support team.

You will receive a copy of the signed document via email for each party that has signed. Furthermore, as the initiator you will receive status updates when other signers have signed or rejected.

Yes, each party will receive a copy of their signed document and a sign transaction receipt. You as the initiator will receive a copy of these documents for each signer.

If a signer does not sign the document, their status will remain labelled Open. The document will remain available for signing for a maximum of 30 days after initiating the signing process.

No, once the signing process has started, you cannot remove a signer. Please ensure the signer list is final before starting the process.

No, the email address of a signer cannot be changed once the document has been sent for signing. Please ensure all information is accurate before initiating the signing process.

No, signers do not need to sign the document at the same time. They can sign the document at their convenience within the provided time frame.

Your signature is saved as soon as you complete it. However, if you were in the process of signing and hadn't completed it, you would need to restart the signing process. You can do this by clicking on the link again that you received by mail.

No, once the signing process has started, you cannot add more signees. Please make sure to include all necessary signees before initiating the process.


Please ensure that your document is not larger than 25MB. Also make sure the document is in PDF format and that it is not password protected. If you continue to experience difficulties, contact our support team for assistance.


We accept payment through a variety of online banking systems. You simply need to scan the QR code provided with your banking app to complete payment.

If your payment fails, please retry the process. If it continues to fail, please get in touch with your bank for assistance. The signing process can only start after successful payment.

As stated in our terms and conditions, once the signing process has started, the fees for the service are non-refundable, regardless of whether all signers complete their signatures.

Currently, our only method of payment is through banking app.

Yes, a receipt is automatically generated and sent to your email address once payment is confirmed.

Legal status

Yes, electronic signatures obtained through our platform are legally binding in most countries. However, for specific legal advice, you should consult with a legal expert in your jurisdiction.

Yes, our webapp is designed to facilitate the signing of all kinds of documents, including official documents like contracts and agreements.

Yes, our Kwantor Sign can be used from anywhere in the world, and signees can also be located anywhere. Please note, however, that the legal validity of electronic signatures may vary by country, so we recommend consulting with a local legal expert if necessary.


You can reach our support team through the 'Support' page on our website. We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours.


We appreciate and encourage user feedback. Please contact us at support to share your experience and suggestions.


If you have any questions about Kwantor Sign, you can contact us at info@kwantor.com, or reach out to us via chat. Please note that our chat support is available on a best-effort basis.


Kwantor Sign is the on demand Advanced Electronic Signature app of Kwantor. We create awesome apps for entrepreneurs and professionals.

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